Tumblin Tumblweeds

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I was reared in a remote part of the Colorado/New Mexico Rockies. There was one radio station that could be heard during the day.  There was a farm report in the morning telling you what the markets were for pork bellies, winter wheat, feeder cattle and such, and whatever national news that came in on the UP wire.

It came on the air at 6:00 am, playing The Sons of the Pioneers songs. Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds and I’m An Old Cowhand led into the morning report that was followed by the Community Calendar.

To get the cool songs, you had to wait at least an hour after sunset before the border blasters came up. XELO, Juarez Mexico was the nearest one to us.  Wolfman Jack got his start their playing the top ten.

I’m An Old Cowhand was performed by everybody, it seems. Even Bing Crosby had a shot at it.  Of course, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry had their versions. Fierce loyalties were formed around the two movie cowboys, and many schoolyard fights began by defending one or the other.

Anyhoo, for your listenin’ enjoyment, I include two versions here. One by the Sons of the Pioneers that I heard every frikken morning from the third grade through High School, and one by Johnny Cash.

One thought on “Tumblin Tumblweeds

    sister2cats said:
    October 2, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    You forgot they also played the Orange Blossom Special as an instrumental Before Johnny Cash made it into a hit. It was played just before Paul Harvey came on.


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