It is quiet out there … maybe too quiet …

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101914_1729_Somedays1.jpgThe sun breaks softly while I sip on this morning’s coffee.  The unrelenting heat has relented, and the mornings have become pleasant.  Jenna, my white something-or-the-other, hides behind my chair as Snookums clatters about the kitchen.  She had been getting meds each morning for an ear infection, but the protocol on them ran out, so no more meds.  Still, she hides each morning until she hears her food being set out.

Kippur da Budgie shrieks and burbles with joy for the new day.  Air filters on timers click on, hissing in counterpoint as they strain out the allergens.

The spring birds have flown away, and eerie quiet envelopes the garden as it rests up from a hard summer.  Yet I find comfort in the stillness as well as I did when spring was a cacaphony of birds and lawn mowers.  It is a time to prepare for the long sleep to come.

It is Shabbat, a day when I attempt to return to God.  Throughout the week, living takes all my attention, but I also need some time of spiritual abiding to ground me, to cease from all my striving.  Proud man, with all his wisdom, cannot quell the world’s want and violence.  ‘Wise’ men are a never-ending source of useless solutions to the world’s problems, for they cannot comprehend the source of the problem.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop them from pontificating.  They are every bit as annoying as religious fanatics.  Folly follows them at every turn, yet they still boast of their strength, kindness and caring, and are constantly telling you to follow their lead.  Then they scoff and sneer when you say uh uh … ain’t gonna go …

But for today … I leave that all with the coffee grounds, putting the whole of creation back into God’s hands.

Good morning, and Shabbat Shalom!

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