Update on Augie: Why I do what I do

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1This is Augie. Or for the short hour and a half he rode with me, he was known as Aggie. Aggie went from a rescuer to a police dog trainer in San Antonio who trains dogs for police work, and gives them to police departments free.

I picked Augie of from a transporter who was bringing him from Texas Star Rescue in Longview, Texas and delivered him into the loving hands of a transporter who took him on in to Universal K9 in San Antonio, Texas.

Augie was frightened of people, and hid his head in the corner when you approached him. He came with a warning to not grab him by the collar, but once you had him on a leash, he was OK. He seemed OK with me, and I was careful to not approach him head on, but rather came up along his side. When I held the leash snap out, he came right up and presented his collar to me. He rode in the back seat of my van, not looking around, nor accepting any treats by hand.

But he apparently took very well to the training, and one of his trainers told me that ever so often he reverted to his old habits. But the officer in the picture and he seem to have become fast friends. You can tell it with his relaxed alertness and the way he stands beside his officer. I understand he already has one bust under his belt.

I am glad that people occasionally let me know what is going on with my transports. I do wonder an care about their future.

You rock, Augie Doggie!

One thought on “Update on Augie: Why I do what I do

    A Perfectmindstorm said:
    May 16, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    That’s a great story. I’m glad Augie is doing so well and I know it makes you feel good to know things are going good for him.


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