A Long Good Morning

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“Thou shalt write each and every day. The great, and the mundane, thou shalt write of it”

I am resuming my morning coffee posts with the cooler mornings.  They give me a little cover for idling my life away, and an excuse to step out of the studio for a while.  These morning posts also instill proper posture, and aid in clarity of thought.  I have noticed the decline in clarity during this long hiatus from morning chronicling.

An old friend friended me on facebook this morning.  I am a fickle friend who has always chased the next bright bauble that floated by, and I have been so very careless in friendships.  Some abandonments were necessary when I moved on to new stages in life, but there were those who so wove themselves seamlessly into my fibers that a hole was left when they were removed.  This was such a friend, and now I feel a little more whole with their return.

Life and the joys of home ownership continue on.  The saga of the new air-conditioner may have been resolved with the addition of a more powerful fan.  The fields are still unmowed, but I did get gas for the tractors, so that chore will soon be taken care of.  After some writing and coffee sippin’, of course.

Many of you may be a little confused by my use of the nom-de-plume of Rusty Armor.  When the internet was in its infancy, I adopted the name for my internet accounts.  An internet service that I used at that time was CompuServe, sort of a bulletin board and news feed.  They gave me the name of Muscle Armor as a username.  Muscle armor is a name given for the leather breastplates that Grecian and many Romans wore that had huge pec’s and six-packs molded into it, giving the impression that the wearer was more buffed than he really was.  But my damsel rescuing days were over, and I thought that Rusty Armor was a more appropriate name, and I still feel that way.

So, you may find over time that I use the name Rusty Armor, Russell Armor instead of George Fowler.  I have tried unsuccessfully to kill off Rusty, but he is a persistent alter-ego who refuses to go away.  Rusty is a bit more brash than George, so I guess the two will continue on for a time.  Both Rusty and George have a facebook page, and share most posts.  But Rusty can swear, talk about indelicate subjects and delve into mysticism while George is a bit more reserved in his comments.

Rusty usually writes these morning posts, and if they have too many vulgarisms and bile, George doesn’t link to them.  Rusty has more of a secular audience while George’s tend to be more religious.  There are a few times that I don’t link to Rusty’s facebook page as well.  But very few.

Hopefully these posts will stave off the annual onset of SAD that visits me around Thanksgiving and doesn’t leave until Springtime.  Some years do seem worse than others, but in the brief time I still left in this world, I don’t want to spend them in drippy depression.

So as the sun climbs another 15° into the sky, and gentle breezes create moving waves in the yet to be shorn grass, I wish you a very pleasant good morning.


2 thoughts on “A Long Good Morning

    Boo said:
    September 27, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Good Morning…you will always be my friend Rusty. I’ll be coming to see you if things work out for Lori….fingers crossed….


    A Perfectmindstorm said:
    September 27, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Well now, good thing I stalk you over here too or I would not have known you started writing again 😉



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