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“Thou shalt write each and every day. The great, and the mundane, thou shalt write of it”

A rainy/drippy day saves me from the lawn mower, but it is a seasonal rain with 77° temps making them more palatable.  We Texans add the obligatory disclaimer “but we don’t complain about rain down heah”. Yeah, I am a convert to Texas and have no difficulty in culturally appropriating Texican traditions.

I am a bit late with my chronicle this morning.  The sleepies have landed upon me.  Maybe it is the drippy weather.  That and having to update a game I am playing on the PC.  Well, it isn’t so much of a game as it is a simulation.  It is a railroad simulation with about 300 railroader wannabes who can be selective in what jobs we do on the simulation.  As one real-life railroader says, “Railroading is fun.  The railroad isn’t”.  It does seem odd that real-life engineers and dispatchers would play this sim, but we have several who treat the sim as a real job.

I have scaled back my puppy transports for a while.  I gave most of my equipment to various pet rescue groups aiding Hurricane Harvey rescue, and will need to replace much of it before resuming transports.  I do miss it when weeks go buy and I don’t aid in any transports, though.

I am still sniffing around two old writing projects of mine.  Maybe I’ll pick them up again.  A major flaw in my writer wannabe makeup is that once I get to know a character, I lose interest in them.  I want to sit down at my computer and bang out a tale in a few hours, and novel writing just doesn’t seem to fit in with that desire.  I want instant gratification.  If I am ever going to get I Akashaic written, I am going need to prune it down, apply a formula, and get ‘er done.  Unlikely, at this point.

So I sip the coffee, watch the leaves rustle in the brisk breezes outside, and let thoughts of distressed damsels, political ideologies and spiritual shortcomings drift across my mind.

Good morning!

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